Thermal Grease Heatsink Compound

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Thermal Grease Heatsink Compound



HY510 grey thermal grease can be used on a wide range of applications

This thermal grease is widely used for CPU/GPU, VGA, Chipset, other PC components

Net weight 1g

Thermal Conductivity: >1.93 W/m-K
Viscosity: 1000
Thermal Impedance: < 0.225C-in2/W
Specific Gravity: > 2 g/cm3
Thixotropic index: 380±10 1/10 mm
Momentary bore temperature: -50 to 280 degC
Operating temperature: -30 to 280 degC
Composition: silicone compound 50% - carbon compound 30% - metal oxide compound 20%

1 unit per package

RoHS, CE, PFOS, REACH compliant