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HDMI Active Extender / Repeater

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Code: D-HDMI-EX100

HDMI Active Extender / Repeater

Product Description

HDMI Active Extender/Repeater

Allows Extended Length of HDMI Cable up to 100ft.

Uses the Power on the HDMI Bus to Enhance and Repeat the Signal.

For best results we strongly recommend using 24 AWG TechCraft HDMI cables

Maximum Data Length Based on Gauge of Wire.
0 to 50 Meters Over HDMI-Cable, 24 AWG STP
0 to 36 Meters Over HDMI-Cable, 28 AWG STP
0 to 30 Meters Over HDMI-Cable, 30 AWG STP

Compatible with DTV Resolutions 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p

Best Low Cost Solution to the Extra Long Cable Length Problem.

Female-Female Adapter Incorporating the Integrated Circuit 3815

Recommended cable lengths:
Input Cable Length (Source Cable)
25ft. 33ft. 50ft. 66ft.

25 ft. WorksWorksWorksSee Note
33 ft. See Note WorksWorksSee Note
50 ft. See Note See Note WorksWorks
66 ft. XXXX

Note: Please observe the following guidelines for best results:
1) All HDMI sources/devices behave differently. Your results may vary from our own.
2) Always test long HDMI cables and extenders before installation.
3) Repeaters and extenders equalize HDMI signals. If cables of different lengths are used, it is usually best to put the longer cable on the source side.

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